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French Art Studio

beaubourg performance @ paris (2009)


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'j'aime les filles' - solo show (2015)

video_ Alban - _j_aime les filles_ __frenchartstud
>antoine rose
'micromegas' - solo show (2015)

_microMEGAS_ solo show _frenchartstudio
>antoine rose
up in the air @ saint moritz (2014)

video_ up in the air _saint Moritz
>christine drummond
'midsummer night' - solo show (2017)

_christine drummond
_midsummer night_ - solo show
>christine drummond
'cores do brasil' - solo show (2015)

video__cores do brasil - solo show by christine dr
>jean-marc calvet
'calvet' movie trailer (2011)

video_ _calvet_ movie teaser
>jef aerosol + lee jeffries
'synergy' duo show (2016)

_ jef aerosol _ lee jeffries_ _synergy_ duo show (
beaubourg performance @ paris (2009)

l_atlas - place beaubourg
>lee jeffries
photographs portfolio (2012)

video_ lee jeffries portfolio (2012)
'converge' - solo show (2015)

_converge - solo show by mambo _frenchartstudio
making of 'neurodance' painting (2015)

video_ making of _neurodance_ painting by Mambo
solo show (2015)

video_ exhibition focus mani _ french art studio (
>manolo chretien
the instant painter (2014)

manolo chretien _ the instant painter
>pedro correa
fine art photography (2015)

Pedro Correa - fine art photography
>pf grimaldi & charlotte champion
'le cirque de paris' - duo show (2014)

'these are the rhythms of my life' - solo show (2014)

video_ _these are the rhythms of my life_ solo sho
visit of the artist's studio (2014)

visit of the artist_s studio
>yoakim belanger
'glimpse of light'- solo show (2016)

yoakim belanger_BR_
_glimpse of light_- solo show
>yoakim belanger
LEAVING AMBER- solo show (2018)

_yoakim belanger_BR_
LEAVING AMBER- solo show (20
>yoakim belanger
interview (2012)

video_ interview with joakim belanger (2012)
'amazing amazons' - solo show (2015)

_amazing amazons_ - solo show _ _frenchartstudio 2
making of 'amazing amazons' @ senegal (2015)

video_ making of solo show _mazing amazons_ by yz_
'marianne l'engagée' - making of (2019)

marianne l_engagée

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