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French Art Studio


summer exhibition
9 July - 21 September, 2016


What an exciting year >french art studio has just achieved!

rewind<< is a very special moment to come back to the best of our last artistic season over the summer period. >french art studio is delighted to feature once more artworks by artists that have contributed to make these last 10 months of exhibitions, events and art fairs so special for us and for anybody who has had the chance to share these wonderful moments of artistic emotion with us. 

rewind<< is also a fantastic way for >french art studio to send a very special thank you to its collectors, partners, art amateurs, artists who have enjoyed, encouraged, collaborated  and supported the team in its everyday work to make this gallery a place of beauty, passion and creativity.

To everybody’s delight, here are the artworks by artists we are happy to invite again on the walls of our showroom in order to seal a great season and celebrate the summer before heading together to a new artistic programme that will promise to be for sure under the same signs of beauty, passion and creativity...Enjoy!

Andre Nadal – Infinities (October 2015)

YZ – Amazing amazons (November 2015)

Christine Drummond – Nadal tropical (December 2015)

Yoakim Belanger - Scope Miami (December 2015)

Lee Jeefries and Jef Aerosol – Synergy (February 2016)

Christophe Lachize – The sound of silence (April 2016)

Man&Pia – Voyages (May 2016)

Pedro Correa – Urban soul (June 2016)

Antoine Rose – Scope Basel (June 2016)

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