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yoakim bélanger

Yoakim Bélanger's art is centered on human bodies. He is fascinated by movements, expressions, plasticity and their universality. Across various media (painting, drawing, photography and video) Yoakim Bélanger sublimates the physical appearance of humanity and celebrates its strength, passion and grace.
In his paintings, through a work of scrap, sanding and alterations on metal plates, Yoakim reaches a vibrant and textured brushwork that merges abstraction and figurative, order and chaos, shade and light. With this work, the artist reaches his ultimate goal of portraying both body and soul.

Yoakim Belanger (b.1977) is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Montreal. He is graduated in graphic design from UQAM school of Montreal. He has directed two short films ('If I can Fly' and 'Ces femmes qui marchent') who have been acclaimed by critics in international film festivals. His artworks are presented by galleries in Canada and in the UK by >french art studio.

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yoakim  bélanger leaving amber  act III
leaving amber - act III
180 x 91 cm
yoakim  bélanger rays
122 x 81 cm
yoakim  bélanger alter ego I
alter ego I
112 x 44 cm
yoakim  bélanger alter ego II
alter ego II
112 x 44 cm
yoakim  bélanger alter ego III
alter ego III
112 x 44 cm
yoakim  bélanger la techtonique des plaques
la tectonique des plaques
61 x 61 cm
yoakim  bélanger hara
60 x 60 cm
yoakim  bélanger Future  now
future = now
122 x 122 cm
yoakim  bélanger home
163 x 122 cm
yoakim  bélanger Light Keeper VII
light keeper VII
122 x 81 cm
yoakim  bélanger Past  now
past = now
152 x 102 cm
yoakim  bélanger present  now
present = now
244 x 122 cm
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